Our Services

Payment & Account

Agrikore creates an account and provides KYC Profile Hub for every Agrikore user namely farmers, Service providers (Suppliers, distributors/AGD, Off-takers, Agents, Banks). Each user has an Agrikore account and an Agriculture Verification number (AVN) for transactions. This makes it easy for you to pay and collect money for products and services rendered within the ecosystem.

Service delivery

Agrikore creates an interaction between Extension Workers & Agents Locator, Service Point Locator, E-extension& Farmer Locator, which enables you to reach your customers faster and easily, this also can be leveraged on to promote your services.


Agrikore monitors the implementation of agricultural schemes such as Growth Enhancement Scheme (GES), International Fund for Agricultural Development(IFAD),Liberia Agricultural Transformation Agenda (LATA), National Agricultural Payment Initiative (NAPI),UNITY & RUFIN. Providing an end to end management of the programs, and giving the stakeholders total visibility.

Service Hub and pricing

Agrikore allows you to create and manage: Products and Services Catalogue, Pricing Structures and Discounts, with no Fritz accounts. Becoming the go to hub for everyone looking for anything in agriculture.