About Agrikore

The platform that powers Agriculture transformation across Africa and beyond.

Designed to power agriculture transformation across the globe, The Agrikore platform provides tools and an enabling environment within the agriculture value chain that connects everyone to everything in agriculture, everywhere, all the time.

Birthed in Nigeria and nurtured in Liberia, Agrikore envisions a world where every farmer has access to financial services, productivity enhancing technologies & best practices, access to markets for Inputs & Access to Output Markets via the mobile phone.

In order to make the vision become a reality, Agrikore has created an ecosystem that comprises of Governments, Development Partners, Financial Institutions, Input Suppliers, Farmers and Off-Takers.

The platform leverages on a block chain technology in order to safeguard the ecosystem, bringing transparency and credibility into the agricultural initiative, because you follow the story of how the service was rendered, how it was paid for, who consumed it, where, when and how while ensuring that records and transactions cannot be altered by unauthorized person.

The Agrikore ecosystem currently has over 17 million farmers, 2,714 agribusinesses, 11,000 extension workers, 4 donors and 3 Federal Governments –Nigeria, Liberia and Afghanistan.